Monday, August 31, 2009


When I was younger I learned that you are supposed to say “uncle!” when you are roughhousing with your friend, brother, or dad, and you find yourself in a position where either you:
  • A. can't seem to get yourself freed
  • B. are so uncomfortable that its no longer fun
  • C. don't feel like playing/trying/struggling anymore
  • D. all of the above

I'm not sure of the history of this, but somewhere along the line, “uncle” became the universal safe word for “ok, that's it! I'm done!”. This past week I called “uncle”, but in my case it was “hotel!” because I was d. all of the above.

As of last week I had been living on a farm for a month, then I drove 8 hours, camped in the mountains, drove 8 more hours, then slept at a friend of a friend's house. The farm was fantastic, the camping was beautiful, and Tau's friend was the best possible hostess anyone could ask for. But I was just tired. The day after the friend's house we were supposed to maybe move on to the next town, but also maybe go back into the mountains to camp and catch up on work and it became a domino row of a day continuing to tumble downward by the minute. There was rushing and planning and rushing to plan and planning to rush and just when we pulled back into yet another gigantic grocery store (which themselves seem overwhelming lately), I was done. We needed camping food and supplies for several days and a storm was rolling in and it was getting late and I needed to run some errands in town and on and on and on and I got out of my car and yelled “HOTEL!”.

I've been traveling for just over 3 months and besides one night in Virginia for a family wedding I have not once stayed in a hotel. I've been in lovely guest rooms, cozy campsites, open air loft spaces, and even had my own cabin on the Vermont farm. Sometimes though, you just need a bit of space, your own space, and its even better if that space comes with a hot shower, non-inflatable bed and light that doesn't require batteries.

I'm not the most hardcore traveler by any means, I have a car full of amenities; but I'm certainly not a princess traveler either as I did perfect the art of washing my hair in a bathtub instead of a shower for 4 weeks. I've met travelers along the way who travel with no money (although some consider stealing an acceptable means of food shopping) and others who require a 27 foot RV, so I feel pretty comfortable in my middle of the road traveling needs. Regardless of any pre-made plans though, happiness is an absolute priority, and its good to know when to say when and to ask for and seek out what you need. I needed a hotel and a great shower (the big fluffy bed was an added bonus that I also thoroughly enjoyed).

The next night after the hotel I was happily camping in the Adirondacks and with the sky filled with stars and the pines swaying overhead, I wouldn't change it for the Microtel at all. At the time though, it was just what I needed and its always great to be able to have just what you need to keep on smiling along the way.


  1. you're amazing, i would have said uncle after one week.

  2. Wondered whose motorcycle was out front until I read the tweet, heh. ('lo from night shift on 3rd floor)